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468 Salpe
Salpa 15-25 cm
Sarpa salpa
476 Seebarsch up to 100 cm
Spigola or Branzino
Dicentrarchus labrax
gemeiner Saragon
Sarago comune 20 cm
Diplodus vulgaris
477 Makrelenthunfisch
Tonnetto or Alletterato
Euthynnus Alletteratus
Sarago selva
Diplodus sargus selva
478-a Bartbarbe
Triglia di fango 12-18 cm
Mullus barbatus
big Saragon
Sarago maggiore
Diplodus sargus
478-b Meerbarbe - Küstensee-b.
Triglia di scoglio up to 40 cm
Mullus surmuletus
rosa Drachenfisch
Scorfano di fodale
Helicolenus dactylopterus
479 Sardine
Sardina up to 15 cm
Sardina pilchardus
schwarzer Drachenfisch
Scorfano nero 10-15 cm
Scorpena porcus
Spinarolo 60-90 cm
Squalus acanthias
roter Drachenfisch
Scorfano rosso 20-30 cm
Scorpena scrofa
brauner Stichling
Spinarolo bruno
Squalus blainvillei
471 Makrele
Sgombro 20-40 cm
Scomber scombrus
481 Sprotte - Breitling
Spratto up to 17 cm
Sprattus sprattus
472 Seezunge
Sogliola 20-30 cm
Solea vulgaris
482 Engelfisch
Squadro bis 240 cm
Squatina squatina
Zapfenfisch 15-30cm
Sugherello or Suro
Trachurus trachurus
Sturgeon up to 900 cm
Storione (comune) up to 350 cm
Acipenser sturio (naccarii)
474 Grottenfisch
Tombarello 20-40 cm
Auxis rochei/ -thazard
484 gestreifter Drachenfisch
Tracina Drago 20-25 cm
Trachiuns draco
475 Tunny
Tonno up to 300 cm
Thunnus thynnus
485 Giftfisch [toxically]
Trachinidi or Pesci ragno
Fischsorte mit Nervengift
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